Google AdSense Alternatives for Awesome Websites

Best Google AdSense Alternatives in 2020

It is the right time to think about different options for ad banners on your website. You might think Google Adsense is the old champion, but new rivals are showing up with their benefits. Our team of experts has come up with the list of top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives, which help you to generate revenue from your site.

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is a program by Google, where website owners and bloggers earn money by displaying Google ads on their respective platforms.

But there are several other options for bloggers to earn money. Here, we are going to discuss them. We will also get into the details of how they work. So, the top 10 Google AdSense alternatives are:

It is a contextual advertising and display ads platform. It is one of the most popular advertising platforms after google. Many bloggers and website owners are part of it and earn monetary benefits through their ads. used to offer Paypal but, unfortunately, Paypal tie-up has been ended. Now the company pays on a NET 30 basis.

They take less than 48 hours to approve your account.

  • You, as a user, don’t need to pay for its service its free to use.
  • Revenue per thousand impressions yields the best result in the industry.
  • Customer service is top-notch. Once they approve your site, you get personal specific customer support for your website.
  • A person needs to click twice to visit the site from the banner.
  • Revenue update takes up to 24 hours for the update. Meaning you have to wait for tomorrow to see today’s earning.
  • The major problem with you can only gain from the traffic coming from the UK, US, and Canada.

Threshold payment: You can earn up to $100




AdMaven is another good alternative to AdSense. The ads which it uses are Popup and Popunder ads. It enables advertisers with vast distribution for their ad budget. Ad maven helps you with your ad banners as well as the user can use it for running their ad campaigns.

AdMaven deshboard

  • With AdMaven, you can post your ads, and the result will be optimal. Thus, your site will get more traffic regularly.

  • You can make custom Pop and Popunder ads and can use different parameters according to your desire.

  • The user-interface of AdMaven is a bit chunky. You will find yourself lost in different parameters.

Threshold payment: You can earn $50 (PayPal, Wire, Payoneer)




You can monetize your content through Infolinks. It is one of the top-earning websites for bloggers. The ads used here are In-text and In tag. Infolinks’ highly customizable services will surely make the most out of your website’s traffic.

infolinks dashboard

  • First and foremost, you can control all your ad banners from Infolinks, meaning no hassle of editing your websites code.

  • Secondly, your site gets approval in less than 48 hours.

  • The setup process is quite simple and can be quickly dealt with.

  • The revenue you will generate will not up to the mark of Google Adsense.

  • Moreover, the cost per thousand impressions is low in Asian countries like China, India, compared to Western Countries.

Threshold payment: You can earn $50 (PayPal)



buy and sell

It is an advertising solution for website owners and bloggers. The website deals in banner ads. In addition to this, BuySellAds works as a bridge between publishers and audience.


  • If your site or blog has just started, this is the best option to earn a little more from existing traffic.

  • You can get ads related to your Niche.

  • Furthermore, you can choose multiple options in ad sizes, locations, prices, and more.

  • Lastly, your site will be open to a new audience through BuySellAds boosting your site’s traffic.

  • It’s free to use, but when some buyer asks to put their ads on your site, the company takes 25% as their commission.

Threshold payment: You can earn $20 (PayPal)




Next on our list is Qadabra. It deals in banner ads, Slider ads, and full-page ads.

Also, Qadabra has no minimum impression policy meaning as soon as your site is up, you can use Qadabra for ad banners.

Qadabra dashboard

  • They offer multiple ad formats such as Banner Ads, Pop-ups, Stay-on, LightBox, and slider ads.

  • Besides, the interface is user-friendly, and you can quickly analyze your performance.

  • It is compatible with other networks.

  • Doesn’t have any Referral program meaning you won’t get any discount or credits in your account when you first time.

Threshold payment: You can earn $1 (PayPal), $20 (Payoneer) and $500 (Wire)


Amazon Affiliates

amazon associates

It is again one of the most known names in the market for making money. It is the program of the famous Amazon website. You have to advertise their products here.

Product ads recommended ads, and Custom ads are the type of ads used.

  • First, it’s an Amazon brand what else you need. You can trust this network.

  • The market is quite big and offers almost every kind of product.

  • You can earn extra by promoting other products as well.

  • Their customer care is highly supportive. If you send an affiliate customer, they Amazon makes sure that customers get converted.

  • Amazon and Paypal are not buddies. Yes, you read that correct, to pay the affiliate Amazon has excluded Paypal.

  • Cookies are restricted to only 24 hours.

  • The affiliate commission is low starting from 4% it can only go up to 10%, and that’s the end of the line.

Threshold payment: You can earn $10 (gift card), $100 (check)


Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits

The ads used here are Display Ads, Popups, and CPA. Also, they manage the billing of your advertisers and networks, making the work less daunting.

Revenue Hits Dashboard

  • You can easily take out your money once it reaches the 50$ mark.

  • The approval process is quite fast and requires minimal information.

  • There are no extra charges it pays you what’s shown on the dashboard. Thus, no hidden charges.

  • Revenue hits don’t support Video ads.

  • No realtime analyses.

Threshold payment: You can earn $20 (PayPal, Payoneer) and $500 (Wire)




Bidvertiser is also an ad promotional site that advertises Banner ads and text ads.

Bidvertiser Dashboard

  • Bidvertiser provides immediate approval for websites along with that your ads will appear in a few minutes.

  • Can be integrated with other advertising networks.

  • The minimum payout you can get is 10$ via Paypal.

  • Sometimes ads are not relevant.

  • The revenue user interface is not easy to understand. Also, it doesn’t provide CTR and impressions information.

Threshold payment: You can earn $10 (PayPal)




Evadav also provides monetization of your site’s traffic along with the advertisement network. The one thing which differentiates it from others is the push notification format which it uses in both Monetization and Advertisement services.

Evadav Dashboard

  • Evadav’s Push ads are just unbeatable

  • The ad network provides 100% band authenticity to its advertisers.

  • You can do your advertisement all around the globe.

  • In addition to this, it has one of the highest Click through rate.

  • 10$ is the minimum monthly budget to have your advertisement running.

  • The only thing which concerns is they are entirely new to the market.

Threshold payment: You can earn $100 (PayPal)


Propeller ads

Propeller ads

At number 10, we have Propeller ads that have their markets spread across the internet in entertainment, videos/movies, games, dating, finance websites. The company also works with ad networks that provide monetization for mobile apps. So if most of your traffic comes from mobile users, Propeller ads are the no brainer.

Propeller ads Dashboard

  • Propeller ads accept all websites your traffic doesn’t matter as long as you don’t violate any terms and conditions.

  • Moreover, you can monetize your 404 pages. Not a single page of your website wasted out of the opportunity.

  • User experience is the only issue we came across, which can be subdued after using it for a while.

Threshold payment: You can earn $150 (PayPal)

In Conclusion

So here we have it top 10 Google Adsense alternatives. Our suggestion is you should go and check out all of these as they are best in the market and decide which one suits you according to your needs best. Now go and start converting the traffic of your site into real money.

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