How to Index Your Website on Google

How to Index Your Website on Google

Now the question is Why do you need to index your site? Let’s start with the best tips to index your website:

Step 1: Start blogging
Step 2: Use internal links on your website
Step 3: Use robots.txt
Step 4: Create social media channels
Step 5: Promote social sharing of your content
Step 6: Share your website link everywhere
Step 7: Install and set up Google Analytics & Search Console
Step 8: Add a sitemap plugin to get Google to index your site
Step 9: Submit a sitemap to Search Console
Step 10: Submit your links on other search engines to index your site
Step 11: Submit your website to directories
Step 12: Check for Google crawl errors frequently
Step 13: Check the Spamming score of your website.
Step 14: Block Low-quality pages from Google Index
Step 15: Make Backlinks via guest posting with the same category blogs or websites.

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