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When we are selling any product or services online then most of the customers want to talk with us. They want an instant reply when we will use My Live Chat plugins.

In this chat plugin, you can store a lot of information from customers by which you can connect directly. You can ask his/her Name, Phone No., Email Address and other information.

These plugins step in neatly to do the duty of a sales assistant or a client support person. This plugin can directly answer all customer queries and be available 24 x 7 x 365. It doesn’t meter physical executive is present or not.

Phone calls and emails may also do the duty, but a live chat system has some advantages:

  • It doubles as a Feedback and gets in touch with the system. The feedback will assist you in tweaking your promoting strategy.
  • Visitors get instant and real-time support, they are doing not need to await a reply.
  • Keeping a client engaged and up-to-date is probably going to turn them into loyal customers.
  • It will grow your support system.
  • It will improve SEO ranking, as guests can keep longer on your web site.

There are many plugins inside the article you can use anyone plugin.

So Lets Start…

Increase sales & Customers with My Live Chat Online

Live Chat

This plugin is very easy to use and install. You can install this plugin from plugins sections very easily by typing Live Chat in the search box.

This plugin will not increase your sales also help to remove the objections of your clients/customers. This plugin will make a strong relationship with your clients.

Main Features

  • Active installations: 20,000+ 
  • File upload support
  • Multi-channel communications
  • Facebook Messenger support
  • Ticket creation and management
  • Visitor banning
  • Chat via a direct live chat link “send a link to your client and start a chat”

Download Plugin

Acobot AI Chatbot Plugin

chat plugins for wp website

This plugin provides instant support to your visitors If yous support team is not present. Just install this plugin and configure the settings. Now the plugin will work as the support team.  It is very easy.

Download Plugin

WP Live Chat by 3CX Free WordPress Plugin

Live chat plugins for wordpress website

This is also a great plugin for live online chat. It is a lifetime Free plugin for you.

You can translate or communicate in more than 25 languages with your clients.  50 K+ user-activated this plugin on their websites. You can install this plugin for just 30 seconds. and communicate your clients with unbreakable speed.

Download Plugin

Awesome Support Free WordPress Plugin

Awesome Support Free WordPress Plugin

I love this plugin!

Awesome Support is another great plugin to provide WordPress based communication. It is very easy to use and configuration.

customers can generate unlimited tickets for support and the support team can reply to new tickets as well as old tickets. You can apply this plugin on any type of website like E-commerce, Jobs, Services, Etc.

In many chats, file sharing is not supported but In this plugin, you can share any file to your client.

I hope it will never disappoint you.


WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System Free Plugin

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System

WP Support and Responsive ticket System works well for a corporation, property or service table system, a meeting accomplishment system, a technical network, and different similar support areas. It can handle the ticket management of huge organizations effectively.

It is a free plugin to improve your support system. You should use it.


Tidio Live Chat Free Plugin for WordPress

Tidio Live Chat Free WordPress Plugin

Tidio Live Chat is a free plugin designed for WordPress it is the real fast plugin. This plugin is free for 7 days In this period you don’t need to join or register your self. After that, you can choose pro or free version.

It is also the most popular plugin for live chat systems.

It is really easy to install, You can track or directly contact your visitors who come on your website. The chat appears immediately on installation and you see a list of visitors who are currently on your website. You can reach out to anyone you pick.

There are three designs in this plugin you can choose anyone which you want to display. When you are offline visitors can contact you via email.

This plugin support 140+ Languages, Now you can communicate in multiple languages.

Pure Chat – Free Chat WP Plugin

Pure Chat - Free Chat WordPress Plugin

This plugin is designed for small businesses in mind. It is very easy to communicate with multiple clients at the same time. In this plugin, multiple team members can join with clients.

You can change the appearance of chat boxes like its color, text, and animation. You can also change the name of the brand, In other words, you can use your logo or brand name with chatbox.

You can set up a time when chat will display, you can set seconds on it. It will automatically assign departments to the visitor. If someone wants to chat with sales his chat will appear to the sales department. That is very helpful for your team.


Formilla Real Time Live Chat Free PluginFormilla Real Time Live Chat Free WordPress Plugin

Formilla Live Chat is work on a real-time system, it comes in free or paid packages. In the free package, you can install it and use it on one site. You can chat one person at a time and after a few seconds, you can chat with another visitor.

When you are offline auto responded will work or collect customer’s information. Website visitors will think you are responsible for us. A sound alert is a good option in this plugin a sound will come when a visitor will start the chat.


Flyzoo Online Chat Free Plugin

Flyzoo Chat Free WordPress Plugin

Flyzoo is not a business purpose plugin it is used for community, online chatting, online dating, and social nature plugin. users can join group chats and chat with friends. It will automatically capture the user profile. Visitors can make discussion in 20+ languages with private chat.

This plugin using the cloud so, your web hosting will never effect, which means this plugin not use your service resources. You can monitor every chat with bad language or you can ban anyone or block any IPs.

If you have any dating site, membership site then you must use this plugin.




My Live Chat System is playing a great role in your sales and support team. It will increase customer service by several notches. The above-mentioned plugins will full-fill the need of any website. I hope these plugins will give a responsive performance.

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