Top 10 Indian Bloggers You Must Read Their Articles

Indian Bloggers are making history in the blogging field. Are you looking for the top 10 Indian bloggers and best blogs in India? This is the place where you’ll discover top Indian blogs to read.

There are only two ways to succeed in blogging: reading and implementing. If you’re not a regular reader of blogs and don’t know what’s going on around your niche, you can never create a successful blog that makes money.

Reading the best blogs is a no brainer if you want to get the latest trends in your industry. Some of my favorite blogs that I usually read are from Indian bloggers. And I like to read Indian blogs because I can relate myself to them. It’s not like that I do not read other bloggers but still love to read Indians.

I wrote about some best Indian bloggers that you must read in this niche. Today, I am presenting you with this list once again. Some of them have kept their places and some have lost out.

Best Indian Bloggers You Must Read their articles

1) : Digital Inspiration

2) ShoutMeLoud: Shouters Who Inspire

3) Fone Arena

4) Your Story

5) India Business and Technology Buzz

6) Techpp: Technology Personalized

7) 9Lessons

8) All Tech Buzz

9) Jago Investor

10) HellBound Bloggers

11) Bloggers Passion: Learn to Blog Better & Make Money

12) WP Drafter: Learn to WordPress, SEO, SMO, Etc.

Final thoughts about the best blogs to read from Popular Indian Bloggers

Top 10 Indian Bloggers – You Must Read Their Articles

Labnol.Org: Digital Inspiration

There’s a reason why I put Labnol #1 in these top blogs in India list. The reason is the guy behind it: Amit Agarwal.

This famous blog was started by Amit Agarwal with a vision to spread the culture of blogging in India. Amit quit his job to become the first professional blogger from India.

Amit holds a degree from IIT which is considered as the highest B.Tech degree in India. He is also listed in the Adsense success story by Google. Amit basically writes about How-to Guides and gives a solution for issues related to technology. Labnol is undoubtedly the best blog in India where you can find technology simplified for you.

Labnol At A Glance –

  • Founder/Owner – Amit Agrawal
  • Started In Year – 2004
  • Topics Covered – Tech Guides, How-to Guide
  • Income Source – Adsense, Blog Ads
  • Alexa Rank – ~15713
  • DA (Domain Authority): 80/100

Finally, if you want a perfect tech-related blog, Labnol is best. It is also an internationally followed Indian blog.

ShoutMeLoud: Shouters Who Inspire

Shout Me Loud is India’s fastest and one of the famous blogs which are run by Harsh Agrawal. Being a blogger, I love to read blogs that teach me the real and impressive fundamentals of blogging. Harsh Agrawal is the person responsible for all the activities on ShoutMeLoud.

Harsh is a young lad and very enthusiastic to learn new things. Harsh is Delhi based blogger. He writes about Blogging, WordPress, SEO, and Make Money Online.

ShoutMeLoud At A Glance –                                     

  • Founder/Owner – Harsh Agrawal
  • Started In Year – 2008
  • Topics Covered – Blogging, WordPress Tips, SEO
  • Income Source -Affiliate, Adsense, Direct Ads, Blogging & SEO Consulting
  • Alexa Rank – 18846
  • DA: 74/100

So, if you purely want to learn how to blog, ShoutMeLoud is a perfect choice and Harsh is definitely one of the top Indian bloggers to be included in this list.

Fone Arena

Fone Arena is the biggest gadget related Indian blog which is run by Varun. This is also one of the oldest Indian blogs that were launched way back in 2005 (over a decade ago). Since then, it has grown into a massive gadget oriented blog covering all the news from computers, phones, cameras, etc.

Fone Arena At A Glance – 

  • Founder/Owner – Varun Krishnan
  • Started In Year – 2005
  • Topics Covered – Gadgets, Cameras, Computers
  • Income Source – Adsense, Direct Ads
  • Alexa Rank – ~20,927
  • DA: 58/100

This is the perfect place to read about new launches of gadgets, cameras, etc. So if you want to keep with the latest news and reviews related to Indian gadgets, this blog is for you.

Your Story

Whenever I am feeling low, worrying about the future, YourStory is what I refer to reading. Your story is the perfect place on the web to learn how a great leader was born. This is one of the popular blogs in India that mainly covers startup-related stuff to inspire people around online.

Basically, Your story emphasizes women’s power and why should not, when there are women who are such successful leaders. Shardha Sharma is the founder and editor-in-chief of Your story.

This blog has made a great market value in a short time. It deals with success stories, business guidelines, and startups.

Your Story At A Glance – 

  • Founder/Owner – Shradha Sharma
  • Started In Year – 2010
  • Topics Covered – Entrepreneurship, Business guidelines.
  • Income Source – Adsense
  • Alexa Rank – ~6604
  • DA: 75/100

If you want to know the real women’s power, YS is the perfect blog. Many inspirational stories about the leaders are also shared. One of my favorites and I also recommend this to you.

Trak.In: India Business And Technology Buzz is a pure Indian blog that covers all the stuff strictly related to India. Trak was started back in 2007 by an American return Arun Prabhudesai.

In an interview Arun said, India has more capability to do more than other countries but lacks proper guidance and awareness. This was the main aim behind Trak. Arun now resides in Pune, Maharashtra. is now India’s most-read business blog. Along with the business news, Trak also deals with the trending technology in India.

Trak At A Glance –  

  • Founder/Owner – Arun Prabhudesai
  • Started In Year – 2007
  • Topics Covered – Business news
  • Income Source – Adsense
  • Alexa Rank – ~35315
  • DA: 53/100

TechppTechnology Personalized

 Techpp is India’s favorite online tech magazine. The person behind Techpp is Raju PP. Raju holds an Engineering degree in Electronics and telecommunication. Raju lives in Banglore.

As the name describe Technology Personalized” tech app shares tips to bring technology closer to you. Along with current technology updates, techpp also shares tips and guides to make technology more friendly.

Techpp At A Glance –


  • Founder/Owner – Raju PP
  • Started In Year – 20o8
  • Topics Covered – Technology
  • Income Source – Adsense, Direct Ads
  • Alexa Rank – ~56889
  • DA: 53/100

I love reading tech app as it gives a simpler way to interact with the latest technology. If you want to learn some simple tips about the internet, gadgets etc..techpp will be a good choice for you.


9Lessons – the only well known Indian blog which shares the web development tips. 9Lessons was started by Srinivas Tamada who lives in Chennai.

Srinivas is also an Engineer by education and a pro blogger by profession. Since I am also from the technical background I love reading

You can learn various web technologies like CSS, jquery, PHP etc.on this blog. Srinivas also develops his own code and also seen selling these codes online. Basically, 9Lessons is a blog focusing on programming.

9Lessons At A Glance – 

  • Founder/Owner – Srinivas Tamada
  • Started In Year – 2008
  • Topics Covered – Programming, web technologies
  • Income Source – Adsense, Direct Ads
  • Alexa Rank – ~74716
  • DA: 45/100

If you really want to work on web technologies, then Srinivas will be a perfect guide for you. Because he loves web development:).

All Tech Buzz

This is one of my favorite Indian blogs that mainly covers all the news related to technology. This is the perfect place where you come to know about the phones, accessories, technology, new launches in India, etc. This Indian blog is run by Imran Uddin and was launched in 2011.

All Tech Buzz At A Glance –

  • Founder/Owner – Imran Uddin
  • Started In Year – 2011
  • Topics Covered – Current Technology Updates, Phone review, Gadgets Reviews
  • Income Source – Adsense, Direct Ads
  • Alexa Rank – ~13,293
  • DA: 52/100

If you want to know more about the latest happenings related to technology news or reviews about the latest mobile phones or laptops, just open this site and you will find all the information quite interesting and valuable.

Jago Investor

Jago Investor, as the name suggests this is an online financial planning blog that is run by Manish Chauhan which was launched back in 2007 (over a decade ago!).

We all know how hard it is to successfully run an investment and financial planning blog and make money from it. But Manish knows not only how to easily educated his audience about saving money but also to make profits from his site.

Jago Investor At A Glance – 

  • Founder/Owner – Manish Chauhan
  • Started In Year – 2007
  • Topics Covered – Money saving, financial education, investment, etc.
  • Income Source – Selling financial books, consulting, online courses
  • Alexa Rank – ~74,950
  • DA: 35/100

Jago Investor is a perfect place where you can find all the interesting stuff related to financial planning, investing, and money-saving.

HellBound Bloggers

This is another popular blog from India to read about blogging. Recently HBB also started sharing Internet and technology tips. HBB is handled by Pradeep Kumar. Pradeep is also one of the top bloggers in India who is striving to build a brand for himself.

Pradeep Lives in Chennai and mostly writes about Blogging tips.

HellBound Bloggers At A Glance – 

Founder/Owner – Pradeep Kumar
Started In Year – 2007
Topics Covered – Blogging, Tech Tips
Income Source – Sponsored Reviews, Adsense
Alexa Rank – ~ 64385
DA: 43/100

HellBound Bloggers made our list because it is one of the eldest blogs from India which shares Blogging tips.

Bloggers Passion: Learn To Blog Better & Make Money

This is another popular blog from India to read about blogging. Bloggers Passion is also a great place where you will get some unique and working tips for blogging.

Anil Agarwal founded this blog back in 2010. Since then, Bloggers Passion has become a very crucial part of life. It’s like I can’t imagine my life without Bloggers Passion and blogging.

 Bloggers Passion At A Glance – 

  • Founder/Owner – Anil Agarwal
  • Started In Year – 2010
  • Topics Covered – Blogging Tips, Make Money Blogging, SEO Tips, and Web Hosting
  • Income Source – Affiliate, Adsense, SEO Consulting
  • Alexa Rank – ~96406
  • DA: 45/100

You will get great tips for blogging on Bloggers Passion. If you are a newbie, you have landed the best place on the web to learn blogging tips and make money blogging.

Angel Web Group

This is another popular blog from India to read about blogging. Angel Web Group is a website development group developed in 2013 by Harish Kumar. Harish Kumar is also starting a career as a blogger in Angel Web Group who is striving to build a brand for himself.

Harish Vaishnav Lives in Mathura – U.P. and mostly writes about Technical tips.

Angel Web Group At A Glance – 

  • Founder/Owner – Harish Kumar
  • Started In Year – 2013
  • Topics Covered – Website Development, WordPress & SEO Tips.
  • Income Source – Website Development & Affiliate
  • Alexa Rank – ~ 47, 792

You will get great tips for technical skills in Blogs.

What Do We Learn From These Blogs? 

To do something extraordinary, we always need some kind of guidance and motivation. If we talk about blogging, the success stories of other bloggers would be a great inspiration for us.

Whenever I am free, I read other blogs and learn from them. In fact, I would suggest everyone do the same thing. As the old English proverb states –

Experience Is A Great Teacher !!

If you are not that good as the blogger listed above, learn what they did to achieve the stage where they are standing now. This success is not achieved in a single day, continuous efforts are needed without losing hope.

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Final Thoughts About The Best Blogs To Read From Popular Indian Bloggers

If you’re an active blogger and interested in marketing and making money blogging, you might have already familiar with the above top Indian blogs. Make sure to subscribe to them, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and build relationships with them.

After all, blogging is all about networking.

This was the list of my favorite blogs and what I would suggest you read. Please let me know if you think some more blogs should be added to the list and which you find interesting in reading. It would also be great if you could share your favorite blogs that you feel are best in their respective niche.

You can send me the details of your blog if not listed. 

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