WordPress Duplicate Page or Post with a Single Click

Here, We will talk about to make WordPress Duplicate Page. It is futile to guess it moderate twofold once you will save it by making WordPress Duplicate Page or Post with a Single Click. During this instructional exercise, we are going to discover how to copy a page in WordPress with the help of modules as that is the best and most straightforward strategy to attempt to it.

We should begin.

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What you’ll need

Before you start this guide, you’ll need the accompanying:

  • Access to WordPress Admin Panel

Why Clone a Page or Post in WP?

When chipping away at a web website structure, you should rehash related glue the substance of a current page to make changes.

While you can alter a page and duplicate/glue all its substance into a fresh out of the plastic new draft, none of the contrary parts like highlighted pictures, SEO information, page formats, and so forth would yield.

That is once having a WordPress Duplicate Page include in the Website.

So also, for posts, you will be got the chance to chip away at more established drafts and printed posts on your WordPress site.

You can alter a post and start following up on it. For example, some other creator might follow up on it; else, you should remain each draft.

We should start an approach to clone a WordPress post or page with basically a tick.

Copy a WordPress Post or Page

To start with, you wish to introduce and enact the WordPress Duplicate Post module. For a lot of subtleties, see our well-ordered guide on the most proficient method to introduce a WordPress module. Don’t you know how to install a plugin? check our latest guide to understand how to install a WordPress plugin.

Upon actuation, you wish to visit Posts » All Posts page. You’ll see two new connections to clone or to make a substitution draft beneath each post title.

Clone post or create a new draft

Clone post or make another draft

Tapping on ‘Clone’ can only create a reproduction post and can not open the copy post inside the post editorial manager.

The ‘New Draft’ decision can copy the post and open the copy from inside the post editorial manager so you’ll have the option to start working on it rapidly.

You will also see consistent decisions for pages moreover.

The copy post-module works excellent. utilize it basically for change ongoing uncovered posts, at that point, there is better gratitude to doing this.

refresh live uncovered posts in WordPress for more subtleties.

utilize it for various inevitabilities like web architecture and pages, at that point this can be a necessary strong arrangement.

Altering Duplicate Post

The copy post-module works out of the container and supports posts and pages as a matter of course.

You can moreover redo the module to change support for custom post sorts, farthest point to client jobs, and decide on what to rehash once making an imitation.

How about we take a look even the slightest bit these settings.

Settings » Duplicate Post

Duplicate post settings

Copy post settings

The settings page is part of three tabs. The essential tab grants you to choose what to rehash once making a copy.

The default decisions should work for some sites. Be that as it may, you’ll have the option to check possessions you wish to rehash and uncheck things that you don’t want to be determined.

Next, you might want to move on to the authorizations tab.

Duplicate Post permissions

Copy Post authorizations

As a matter of course, the module permits head and editorial manager client jobs to make copy posts. It also allows copy posts include for presents and pages on post sorts.

custom post types on your site, at that point, those post sorts can appear to be here. You’ll have the option to settle on whether you might want to change copy post include for those post sorts furthermore.

At long last, click on the show tab to choose any place you might want to demonstrate the clone post joins. As a matter of course, the module indicates them on the post list, alter screen, and administrator bar.

Duplicate post display

Copy any Page or Post via – Duplicate Page Plugin

The module encourages you to produce a propagation of a page or post while guaranteeing that each one the substance, title and styling of the page or post is kept up in light of the fact that it is.

Utilizing this module is genuinely transparent. You just must be constrained to pursue these means:

Introduce and actuate the WordPress Duplicate Page and Post module.

WordPress Duplicate Page and Post Plugin WordPress Duplicate Page and Post Plugin

Next, go to Pages – > All Pages on the off chance that you might want to make a cloned duplicate of a page, or Posts – > All Posts on the off chance that you might want to make a cloned duplicate of your post.

Float over the post you might want to clone and tap on Clone Me.WordPress Clone Post

You will at that point be diverted to a cloned duplicate of the post or the page separately. Alter it, severally. Alter it, and snap-on Publish or Save Draft.

WordPress Post Cloned

Utilizing Post Duplicator to Clone WordPress Posts and Pages

If the higher than two modules don’t seem to blend well alongside your necessities, you’ll have the option to select to accompany Post arrangement. This module would empower you to make an unequivocal copy of the picked post though retentive the custom fields and custom scientific categorizations too.

All you might want to attempt to do is:

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
    WordPress Post Duplicator

WordPress Duplicate Page

The module can in a split second copy the page or post.
WordPress Page Duplicated Copy

WordPress Duplicate Page or Post while not Plugins

Note: we tend to intensely promoter to reinforcement your site before a bit of composing any WordPress records.

Other than using modules, you’ll have the option to include code your way into copying WordPress pages and posts. In case you’re someone World Health Organization preferences programming, this can be fit for your tastes. But you’re not, we have you covered. Underneath, you may understand the code snipper to change post duplication in WordPress:

While this clipping exclusively works for copying posts, you’ll have the option to change to copying WordPress pages by substitution the last line by this:

add_filter(‘page_row_actions’, ‘rd_duplicate_post_link’, 10, 2);
see crude Filter WordPress Duplicate Page facilitated with by GitHub

All you might want to attempt to do is glue this code in your functions.php document. To do this, you’ll have the option to either utilize File Manager, FTP customer or natural WordPress document proofreader:

Add function to Duplicate WordPress Page

Presently on the off chance that you explore to All Posts or All Pages segment, you should see a Duplicate button.

Button to Duplicate Page or Post

If you press this catch, WordPress can deliver a reproduction of the page or post and save it as a draft.


We’re sure you need to address why you haven’t world-renowned with respect to these modules previously. Higher later than never! We tend to trust that the higher than instructional exercise discussed the majority of your questions, and presently, you perceive an approach to WordPress Duplicate page. All the modules mentioned earlier aren’t exclusively quick anyway dependable too. Why contribute some time during an undertaking after you will indeed tumble completed multiple snaps?

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