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A Word PressPage Builder is an optional feature that helps the users make changes in the website for those using this platform while starting a blog. Though many users find the usage of Word Press difficult in the beginning, it later becomes user-friendly since it has a lot of extensions that make the work of the user much worry-free. The users raise several technical questionnaires before their usage of these plugins.

In fact, as an answer to the multiple questions rose by the users, there are several user-friendly and easy plugins that can be used in all major platforms. Ahead, we shall see some of the best page builder plugins that are used in creating a blog or a website. All these options are made easily operable without much difficulty. When starting a blog, many publishers find it difficult to edit their Word Press page design.

Top WordPress Page Builder

Beaver Builder

beaver builder

Beaver Builder is a page builder plugin that helps to operate a WordPress website from the front end. With these plugins, both experts and beginners find it simple enough to work and get expertise on site. It avoids the writing of many codes, therefore eliminating much significant confusion. Using this plugin, a user is enabled to make codes using fewer steps.

This plugin, a user is also facilitated to add images to the page by clubbing it on Media Library, including social media buttons, increasing the chances of the page being shared. It aids in automating and sharing images from one’s library to a Word Press page, includes buttons, and creates newsletters too.

Then, it also comprises several templates from which the clients are allowed to make a choice.  Furthermore, it also has a platform where the user can publish their hobbies or genres and grow out in such a way.

The best part of this plugin is that it enables the users to publish their pages, make a portfolio, and publish content online.  Each of them explains their features as different modules for an easy understanding of users. The customized formats pre-designed for the users make it adaptable.

Furthermore, it has an Editor mode that aids in fine-tuning the works of the users. Hence, it is one of the significant Word Press Page Builder Plugins that are used in creating the website.


Divi Page Builder

Divi Page Builder

Being more of an advanced version of Word Press Page Builder Plugin that is available in multiple themes to the user, Divi Page Builder is the next most user-friendly plugin. With better editing tools, it standardizes the editing process with a unique set of features inculcated in it. This is the same reason as to why both professionals and fresher adhere to using this plugin for their quantitative purposes.

Their enhanced editing feature allows making additions and deleting the codes with zero confusion in the process. Then, it is also the best place to create impressive visual designs that seem admiring to the platform. These too can be edited through fewer effective steps.

Being a much user-friendly builder tool, editing is made convincing and as per the needs of the users. Similarly, this tool also seems more operable on a small screen as well as large screen devices. The designs available on this platform helps work on-site professionally. These designs can be saved and reviewed anytime.

The styles or features developed have been in accordance to meet the global requirements. One may redo, undo, or repeat a pattern as per their needs. On the whole, the level of functionality of this plugin seeks attention on the whole.

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Elementor is a unique WordPress Page Builder plugin that is used for open source projects with needs based on functionality. Like its name suggests, the elements being a part of this platform creates an identity for this plugin. Several user-oriented features make this plugin identified amongst its benefactors.

This plugin is equally notable amongst designers, developers, marketers, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs. In case of competitions becoming tight, the users may find this kind of a plugin better helpful. As the name suggests, it helps in the designing of the webpage from the very beginning to the end. Its drag and drop options make the operation faster as per the user compatibility.

As of what the user requires, the special tools with regard to the managing of font size and alignment of text in a better way, just like managing word files. The margining can be made adjustable and reversible that suits the users. Also, the maintenance of websites becomes better through user-friendly and automated updates. This is the same reason as to why this Plugin is recommended best for learners.

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Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer

The most impactful plugin as recognized, Visual Composer Website Builder is the best apt platform for competitive benefits. It gives the perfect layout for the content and images which convinces the user much in accordance with the user benefits. It is speedy and easy to use.

There are just a few drag and drop options that are available with the tutorial, making it better enhanced. The sites that are built using this kind of website builder gains more demand and attention amongst the users. It has also got a lot of features with several templates, blocks, and extensions that serve the user purposefully.

Technically speaking, a website opts for Visual Composer Website Builder to clear and double-check the pages such as landing pages, portfolios, blog and article pages, and the space allocated for notifications. These help in the time-oriented delivery of websites for users.

Here, something that is notable is that the users are facilitated to mix multiple themes, designs, and layout and merge them into one. This does not mean that the content is trimmed or losses its essence. It also supports the content with an ocean of supporting stock images that makes the information presentable.

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Themify Builder


If you are looking for a website builder plugins with n number of theme options, choose Themify Builder then. It allows the users to preview the page well enough before making the final selection. Furthermore, it has over 40 odd features that add to the better functionality of the platform. Even in the process of updating the website, the user is allowed to make major changes.

The user is furthermore allowed to view the edited versions of the website as and when he wants to. Answering to one of the major concerns of the user, it allows the users to make the most out of the platform at cheap, economic, and affordable to the users. On the whole, the platform is built in an extremely user-friendly format.

If you do not find the final draft convincing enough, then you are allowed to undo and redo using such a Word Press Page Builder. Similarly, the copy-paste activities can be simplified with the help of easy cut and copy options. No worries, a copy of the format is available as duplicate and is saved in case of loss of data.

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Page Builder by Site Origin

Site Origin

If a user is in search of a mobile-friendly Word Press Page Builder, then this the best suitable platform for your requirement. It helps to create the content and design the same in accordance with the pages. Furthermore, it makes the website so user-friendly in such a way that the user feels that it is much familiar to them.

Even when it comes to the point of view for SEO, the sites designed through Site origin becomes more comfortable with optimizing, consuming a lesser amount of time. All the options to add or delete features are made available at the home page itself, paving the way to more minor confusion. The site itself has been designed in a way that there are increased levels of interactions.

When compared to the other plugins, Page  Builder by site origin optimizes all codes and layouts, faster than what a user can imagine. It is also much easier to align and take complete control of the site within a matter of seconds.

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